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Calculating Space Needs and Setting the flatness o

Calculating Space Needs and Setting the flatness of the Stairs | Laying down the stairs as a liaison between floors vertically just take up space. So that no wasted space, the space requirement for the ladder should be calculated in detail. Mathematically the needs of the staircase can be

Securing Staircase Using Handrail and Baluster

Securing staircase using handrail and baluster | To secure the ladder when used by people who will go up or down stairs then steps need to be equipped with safety elements such as handrails (holding hands) and baluster fence (the fence). Now, the second element of this security function

Glass Stairs, Safe With Glass Specials

Glass stairs, Safe with Glass Specials | It used to only be used for window glass. After glazing technology develops, the application is no longer just limited to the window, but can also be used for floor covering materials including floor stairs. Actually glass having a high resistance such