Creating A Comfortable Design Stairs and Safe

Creating A Comfortable Design Stairs and Safe | Whatever the shape, design, and materials, each ladder is made must have an element of safety and comfort.

Ladder is an element that serves as a pedestal to pedestal up and down or climb. Because the function is to step on the stair design must be made with a strong structure and material. In addition, the design of the stairs must be safe for all residents.
Safety, strength, and comfort is a factor that must be considered when making the stairs at home. To meet these three elements, at least as steps of the staircase had to adjust to the available and family members who use it every day.

Four Forms of Domestic

In general there are four forms of the stairs, straight stairs, spiral staircase, staircase shape “U”, and the staircase form “L”. Straight stairs is a stair, ladder piled on top of the other steps and straight with no elbows. These steps form suitable if space is wide staircase. Why is that? if the difference in height of the floor to get the convenience of the ladder length. With the length of the staircase steps that needed to be broad. Unless steps are made so that the stairs are steep short.
While the spiral staircase is a staircase, ladder play on the shaft / pole / column. Rungs attached to and there are bound to the column in the middle of the circle stairs. In terms of comfort, less visible forms of this ladder because when up or down the stairs must be spinning. But in terms of efficiency, highly efficient form of a spiral staircase staircase. The need for this form of the staircase to suit the diameter of the circular staircase.
For the other two, ladder, ladder “L” and “U” shape is basically almost the same, namely to have curves. Both forms are usually placed adjacent to the wall and has a landing. But there are also some who do not have the landing. Function of the landing is the place to turn and retreat when climbing the stairs.

Various design

Of the four basic shapes, the design of modified ladder with varying structures and materials. To modify the structure, many who make the stairs as if flying. Rungs riveted only one beam that extends perpendicular to the steps.
In addition, to show the impression of flying there are other ways such as by using a cantilever structure of the system. Stairs only pinned or propped on the wall. Formerly, the system structure is used to form a spiral staircase. But now the structure of the system is also used in the form of a straight ladder or turn.
Playing with a variety of stair design in addition to the material structure can also be used. Material that is often used to make the stairs are wood, concrete, and steel. Each material has characteristics that affect the detailed steps.
For example, the detail will vary with the wooden stairs of concrete and glass staircase. One of the distinguishing details are on the connection. Connection to the stairs of concrete is generally not visible because the connections are casted together and reinforced with a steel reinforcement.
While on a steel ladder, ladder joints between elements using welding. This is not because the material used steel. Except, the material is mixed with other materials such as wood.

Creating A Comfortable Design Stairs and Safe

Must Stay Safe

Although the design of the stairs there are many, both in terms of material and form, should have to pay attention to the design of the ladder in terms of comfort and safety. The design should be tailored to the broad steps of the staircase is provided. In addition to the size of the staircase, the other thing to consider is the safety and convenience of users.
For example, the width of the steps must be passed at least two people or less than 1 m wide. In addition, the flatness of the ladder must also be considered.

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