Creating And Settings Healthy, Comfortable and Safe Kitchen

Creating And Settings Healthy, Comfortable and Safe Kitchen | Besides cooking, the kitchen is also included as a place to store goods and groceries. Thus requiring storage cabinets either open or closed. Including spices (which are stored at room temperature and cold dishes as well as materials that are stored in the cold and frozen.

In addition, the need to consider the storage of cooking utensils, both in the wet state (factor humid) and dry.

Form of kitchens in accordance to the shape of the cooking process, starting from the entry of raw materials, wash, cut cut, storing, preparing to cook, cooking, preparation and presentation. So there are three basic processes, namely the preparation, storage, and cooking. Connect between the three basic processes can form a line or triangle.
Creating And Settings Healthy, Comfortable and Safe Kitchen
In order for the activity of cooking more fun, kitchen planning should also be cooked in the kitchen so that all instruments can be run smoothly. It should be noted ranging from plumbing to the manufacture of storage racks.

Talk about the kitchen, not out of good water drainage, sewage, garbage disposal kitchen. Before the kitchen was built, first those channels have been installed properly. Give attention to the planning and installation of the channel, is the right thing. Demolition due to channels that do not function properly certainly annoying.

According to the location where the sink faucet, meaning the use of a high type of faucets and valves to the sink surface. When the location of the faucet that does not fit, maybe a job washing cooking utensils and food so annoying.

Water channels 

  1. Have a clear flow of clean water, not mixed with sewage.
  2. Associated with water sources or storage tanks.
  3. Water channel that is planted on the walls, must be bound strongly, which was given the first chicken wire, so that mixing can be strongly bound to the PVC pipe.
  4. Water pipelines can use PVC with the proper diameter.
  5. Use the appropriate form of the faucet at the sink function, usually long-necked. Actually, all types of valves can be used, but the long-necked faucet more ergonomic, more convenient for use.

Dirty water from the kitchen, it can contain many small clumps of oil and food scraps. In order not to clot and clog the exhaust pipe, then the residual solids can be removed earlier in the trash that has been provided.

Discard the used frying oil, first frozen in the freezer and thrown in the trash. When in a liquid state directly discharged in the drainage, it is feared will happen blockage.

Body fat catcher can be made on the sewer from the kitchen. Point when there is clogging fat, can be cleared through the hole. The shape is almost the same as control boxes, but it has a chamber that is used to capture the fat so easily cleaned.

The kitchen had absolutely enough light. The use of low light, less appropriate for the kitchen. In contrast to the dining room to produce a certain atmosphere, may use the dim light, but for the dining room and kitchen will be very good when using a bright light.

Natural light can be utilized in this kitchen, saving you? You do this by opening the windows to keep light into the kitchen. So that the heat of the sun does not go long enough to use a canopy in front of the kitchen windows. Moreover, it can dispel rain.

Air Circulation
Cooking activity sometimes produce a particular flavor, and odor is driven by the presence of cross ventilation. But do not let the wind can turn off the fire in the stove, so do not place the stove in front of the window right in the wind flow.

Place the window at the position opposite to the space, in this kitchen. With the flow of air, the smell does not stay in the kitchen, but it will come out with the air movement.

Many items are stored in the kitchen area, such as dry food, wet food, and cooking utensils. All types of goods have characteristics and specific volume.

Goods and equipment are grouped. Wet stuff is usually placed in the refrigerator, while the dry goods can be put on the right box and prepared in accordance with the number and placed on the shelf.

Rack can be opened and closed. Do not need the door open shelves, so it will be cheaper in the making. But storage on open shelves, users of the kitchen is pretty neat and clean store. Rather than the aesthetic elements that can be a kitchen look beautiful.

Material Kitchen Set 
Want to make your own kitchen set? Or just simply planning? Surely it would be better planned in accordance with custom storage and cooking items. Cooking techniques and various types of cooking as well, so that appropriate planning kitchen and household users.

Use of High Pressure Laminate material (HPL) on one layer of material suitable table for wet or hot. It could also be a kitchen table surface is made of concrete covered with ceramic tiles. Use a smooth ceramic surface, for easy cleaning of oil spills.

Storage cabinets kitchen set is made as required, may be in an open rack or cabinet closed glass doors or wood doors. In accordance with the storage trick, so easy to find items that are not expired.

  1. Items stored securely, meaning safe from animal bites.
  2. These items are commonly used are put in place within easy reach.
  3. Give a clear label to each container. Goods that have the shortest expiration date is placed at the front, so the first is taken.
  4. Can use a transparent container and colorful, can make a mark.
  5. Goods are stored according to their characteristics.
  6. Note also the size and shape of the goods stored, adopted to the storage container. Note the high rack storage, not to exceed the height of high container storage racks.
  7. Consider the convenience and security decision-container from the shelf.
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