Decorate The House With Tabulampot

Decorate the house with Tabulampot | Ornamental plants for the den or living room in an office building or home is not just a flowering plant and a beautiful leafy plants. Ornamental plants that can also be fruit trees in pots are popularly known as tabulampot.

The use of flowering and ornamental plants in the beautiful leafy den or living room or home office building is not a new thing. Aside from being a decorative element, ornamental plants can make the room more fresh and beautiful. However, with the emergence of small-sized fruit trees and can be grown in pots, people start to use it as a decorative element. 
Fruit trees in pots are more fun and enjoyable is seen as compared with plants such as interest and non interest. Double pleasure to be gained from fruit trees in pots. In addition to looking at a beautiful flower and inhale the fragrance of flowers, we also can enjoy the beautiful yellow fruit hanging from the branches.

Multiple Benefits

Tabulampot use of the room for some people not only as a decorative element, but has a deeper meaning than that. Chinese society using oranges and kumquats as an air freshener amplifier luck. Aromatic parts of his body, especially if full-blown. When the breeze caress, and the scent of orange blossom fragrance immediately spread through the air. So, no wonder that this unique plant is often used as a natural person as an air freshener.
There is a saying, it is also the fruit that hangs the emblem of success. The saying is drawn from the philosophy of the plant. A plant if simply removing the stems and leaves, it is not difficult to care for her and everyone can does it. But, if you have to grow the stem, leaves and flowers and fruit out, not everyone can. Only people who really love plants and diligent care can make the plants flowering and fruiting. Therefore, if successful in the maintenance to be fruitful, especially in pots in a controlled, it is a symbol of success. Therein lies the challenge.
To add to the appeal and so was not impressed tabulampot dirty, pot containers used must also be attractive and clean.

Decorate The House With Tabulampot

Better a Fruitful Fresh

Tabulampot room is suitable for a medium-sized fruit trees and small. Tabulampot high and not suitable for large and difficult to be moved out of proportion with the size of the room. It would be great if tabulampot used as decorative elements has resulted in the ripe fruit.
Tabulampot can be placed in the corner, in the lobby of the office, coffee table, or desk. Tabulampot become very beautiful when placed in a room where residents and a living room favorite. Tabulampot presence in the space between the sofa, making the atmosphere becomes more lively. Different beauty is also given by tabulampot when placed in front of the glass; we can enjoy the beauty in one of two plants.
Tabulampot no less interesting if it is placed by hand as flowers of ornamental plants.
There we will see the advantages of tabulampot. Tabulampot perfectly impressed with the fruit hanging in trees.
Five Term Growth
To be diligent potted plants bear fruit, there are five requirements grow or factor is a consideration, namely (1) selection of plant species according to altitude, (2) the selection of seedlings, (3) the selection of planting and potting medium, (4) fertilization effective, and (5) control of pests and diseases.
We should already be familiar with knowledge of the origin of the plant before deciding to plant a fruit plant seedlings with potting techniques. This is important. For example, strawberries and apples which are plant cold regions, it would be difficult even may not bare fruit when grown in the lowlands.
Seed selection is equally important. Good seeds will necessarily result in plant growth and development of thumb-both in quality and quantity. It is advisable to choose a clear fruit seed origin. That is, the plant breeder seed purchased from a reliable.
Once the seed business is completed, the next step is to prepare the growing medium and pot. Growing medium used for fruit trees in pots should be eligible, the land containing a minimum of 50%, 20% sand and 30% organic ingredients. Of the minimum requirements above, can be translated into a variety of medium composition as the base material of fruit plants in pots. Basic ingredient for growing medium consisting of soil, manure, compost, chemical fertilizers, and other materials in addition.

Caring Tabulampot

Tabulampot require intensive care. Watering, fertilization, pruning, and pest and disease control is part of routine maintenance to be done.

  1. Watering is done at least once a day, if not watered pot plants in a single day, the plant will fall out and take a long time to return to its original state.
  2. Fertilizers are given not only contain the macro elements (N, P, K) but also contains many micro elements such as Mg, Fe, Zn, S, Cl, and so forth. Fertilizer requirements for each type tabulampot vary, therefore the owner should find out for sure tabulampot fertilizer needs of plants.
  3. Pruning and canopy reduction should be done when the plants are always leafy and lush. The reduction was performed by cutting the branches that turned in the direction of the stem, branches also.
  4. growing cross. To reduce the canopy of leaves, can also be done by removing the bark about 1 cm around the trunk.
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