Feng Shui For Home: Should Elevated floor Bedroom?

Feng Shui: Should Elevated floor Bedroom? | Some practitioners of Feng Shui is always suggested that the elevated floor bedroom. The reason, so that residents are more powerful, more authoritative, and more hockey. Is this true?

These suggestions may be justified, but not that simple. Everything must be viewed from many aspects of Feng Shui, will be ascertained whether or when the floor of the bedroom floor is made higher than other rooms in the house.
Above concept is actually adopted from the existing spatial throne in the palace or house officer in China, Feng Shui is used for the calculation of the building. But we have to know how wide the building official in question, and then compare themselves with the size of the homes we build. For small fields, design a house with a contoured floor up and down, it will cause problems that are often troublesome residents themselves.
To raise the floor of the bedroom as recommended many people, must be viewed from various aspects, among others, as follows.

  • What is the area of ​​land and buildings to be made and how the design of the building. It is reckoned to give a sense of comfort and safety for the residents.
  • For large buildings, the topography of the ground game is to create a dynamic design. But not for the narrow home / small, making up and down the floor of the house that it will give a narrow sense can even be a stumbling block.

Viewed from the side of actual Feng Shui, there are considerations that must be considered.

  • Direction toward the building where the floor of his room to be lifted.
  • Pay attention to the positive and negative map areas of land parcels to determine whether the poor quality of the bedroom. Note, there is a specific formula for determining the positive and negative territory, please ask on the Feng Shui expert who knows the right way.
  • When the position of good quality bedrooms on the left side (viewed from inside the house to the outside), the elevation of the room can be done, because it represents the position of the left corner of the Green Dragon / Qing Lung, so it can be add strength and dignity of residents. But this elevation must not be made too high, because it feared it raises a serious problem. Floor elevation can be done about 5 to 10 cm only.
  • When the location of the bedroom that has a good Qi energy in the right side, then the elevation of the bedroom in the house right corner will automatically activate the corner of White Tiger / Bai Hu to a much more dominant than the left corner / Green Dragon. This composition would certainly be bad because it could harm a career man in the house occupants. If this situation happens, should be made ​​flat floor bedrooms only and do not need to be elevated.
  • If the bedroom is elevated, located at the back, then this plan could work. Conversely, if the bedroom is located on the front, the floor should be flat and not elevated as it can damage the luck.
Feng Shui: Should Elevated floor Bedroom?

Floor bedroom floor is made higher than the other rooms, one should not. Only need to consider several aspects, such as the direction toward the house or area where the positive and negative positions

The formulation of the Green Dragon and White Tiger is the basic formula of Feng Shui harmony of Yin and Yang, and is often used to locate or determine whether the poor quality of the selected area. Basically, the concept is intended to examine the topography of the land form, but on further development of the composition of the Dragon and Tiger can be modified for the formation of the building fabric in order to follow the shape of the macro / nature of truth.

Elevation in the bedroom or the left corner of the Green Dragon / Qing Lung will give strength to the residents who make a living (especially the men), because the left or the dragon is the symbol of Yang / positive or a man who is active. While the right-hand corner or side of the tiger represents the Yin, or negative elements of the passive or female symbol.

If the bedroom is in the upper right corner / Bai Hu higher, in this case could mean that the lady of the house or the women of the household is more dominant compared to the male. It may be that the work is the son, but absolute power in the hands of his wife. But it could also be mentioned that the lady is more successful career than her husband.

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