How To Assemble A Modular Design of Residential Carpet And Repair Damaged Carpet

How To Assemble A Modular Design of Residential Carpet And Repair Damaged Carpet | How To Assemble A Modular Design of Residential Carpet – Have a real piece of design in your apartment is considered by many to be a pipe dream, given the high cost of furniture. However, at present, there is an easy and environmentally friendly, to make unusual creations: thanks to my guide, you will learn how to make modular carpet, which is truly unique and customized.

If you want to assemble with only modular carpet or carpet made of different geometric shapes, you must first decide what the final effect you want to achieve. If you want an artistic effect that is not organized, you can also attach pieces of various shapes and colors, if you like and geometric effects, you can attack the fabric of different colors, but with the same form, and if, finally, want a very sober and rigorous , you have to sew the pieces of the same shape and same color come together will create a symmetrical geometry.

Get it now individual pieces, sewn together, will form a carpet: I recommend you use a felt, which is very hard, thick and durable. They are also suitable for other similar materials, or less expensive materials, such as blur, pieces of carpet, old carpet remnants, pieces of mats for the bathroom, and the like. If you want to use a soft clothe, a solution might be to glue the fabric with glue, the material is much more difficult, such as carpet, PVC or blurred.
How To Assemble A Modular Design of Residential Carpet And Repair Damaged Carpet
Finally, you should gather together, according to the scheme chose, different parts: unite them together by sewing the edges, with yarn, knitting needles and very durable. For wire, I suggest the same color as the fabric, so you minimize perfect. Run commendatory different, even at the point of strand, so the stitching is strong: after a hard work, modular design of your carpet, a piece of unique, 100% recycling and the environment.

How to Repair Damaged Carpet One Combustion
Sometimes, you fall while you are stretching the right of iron on the carpet, which is sometimes made ​​of flimsy material and thus can be damaged. Follow this guide to learn how to run for cover after the same damage.

If signs of minor burns in the carpet color and indelible will need to cut the cloth to the burn rate, soak in a solution of hydrogen peroxide to three percent and put it on the mark for two minutes. Then rinse with a damp cloth. If the burn is a very bad wound surface with scissors or a piece of wool put us on top.

To this end, cut the damaged part in practical terms with a sharp knife. Find a piece of carpet, or cutting the surplus from a point just visible, for example, from the bottom of the cabinet, which is slightly larger than the surface-stained, and make sure that the drawing match. So make a paper pattern of the stained surface and wear the patch of carpet.

Cut hours around the template using a sharp knife. You also may need a little ‘tape for carpets, rugs are available from manufacturers, in stores and some supermarkets. Adhesive tape Otto attack damaged the carpet edge so that the adhesive side facing up.

Ensure that half of the ribbon under the old carpet and the other half exposed in the hole. Finally, brush the carpet in both directions until the fiber is not parallel to the edge of the patch. You stand on the piece for five minutes to make sure they stick well. Then put on a pretty heavy book for 24 hours.

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