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How to Create Groups in Bath Box Shower

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How to Create Groups in Bath Box Shower | Are you tired of plain tiles in the bathroom and especially those associated with a shower instead of bath should be unnecessary consumption of water and a greater loss of time? Then pay attention to the guide below, you will need to remove your ideas.

If you decide to update or install a shower in the bath, the first record of the project: in fact, consider whether you should repeat the tile or not. In the first case to be included directly in the pipe wall to feed the shower head, should be rotated and adjusted, as well as the inherent attack on the faucet to the water.
How to Create Groups in Bath Box Shower How to Create Groups in Bath Box Shower
Under certain conditions, one can obtains the same results without breaking the tiles, applying only to support the walls of the shower head and take additional water from attack made ​​from the tub assembly. If you want to use the tub as a shower tray, you need to provide shelter for the inevitable and much water, or by installing, for example, curtains or sliding glass doors, creating a sort of box.

Regarding the choice of support, given the rod is easy to install: for proper operation will only apply some sort of butterfly valves to tap the tank, so that one side will have water for bathing and other water for bathing. Also remember that the bar is set so that possible areas of support for the desired action.

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