How To Design A Bathroom At Home

How to Design a Bathroom At Home | The bathroom is one of the most important room of the house, because they will perform some basic activities of daily living: personal hygiene and frequent cleaning of clothing, basic body functions, but also relaxation and body care activities. And it is very important that it is well organized and aesthetically. Here are some tips for designing the best.

The first phase is the observation of what is there. Look closely at your bathroom the way it is and write down on paper what are the important points: poor lighting, narrow steps, slippery tiles or difficult to clean, non-ideal positioning of different elements, poor function of the heating elements, etc. This will be the foundation that will be designing a new bathroom. As they say, the discovery of the birth of a mistake.
How To Design a Bathroom At Home
Turning now to measuring the length and width of the wall of the environment, the position of the entrance and windows or doors, location of disposal of water: even if you are being renovated, move the toilet can cause problems, because the flow toilets require multiple dimensions and positions. For this first check if the plumber who will do the renovation work. Once harvested the actions reported on the graph paper drawing a vacuum environment and the position of the toilet and started the design on this design.

Now go to the sanitation component placement and keep your bathroom, with a step-by-step account: toilet has a footprint of about 36 x 60 cm. Ideal distance between the two is 18 cm. They can be arranged side by side or opposite each other, but not too far away. If the bathroom is too small and the toilet did not have a place, to provide a shower head next to the toilet, northern European style. Choice between the tub and shower are very personal. Shower has a smaller footprint, consume less water and are easier to use, while the tank is very important for relaxation, can also be used to wash and soak the clothing items and more convenient if you have kids. If space permits you can tank and install a shower rod and x dual use.

Predicting the mobile container next to the sink or on the support plate, a mirror with adequate artificial lighting system for makeup or shaving. Next to the sink can be useful to have a bench, maybe a washing machine function. Basket of laundry can be placed in another environment such as a closet or in an area protected from the balcony or terrace. If there is no space left to create an utility room in its own bathroom, a closet for the washer and providing cover on a rack and a small drying rack for laundry.

Select the last tile on the floor and lining. In the market there are endless varieties and bath solutions, to suit all tastes and budget. Create, cheerful and fun without spending too much you can use the tiles in attractive colors and match the colors, floor boxes interval by a row of memory monochromatic layers that floor tiles are elegant and at the same time minimal. Another type of layer in the mode of ceramic tiles that mimic natural materials such as wood, stone or leather. Practical and effective. Wood can be fashionable and comfortable. Some small size, and the bathroom will lasts 30 years.

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