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How To Install A Lamp And A Jack On The External Wall

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How To Install A Lamp And A jack on the external wall | When buying, make sure the lamp or socket wall is of a kind suitable for installation in the outside. The first is to be protected, for example, with a metal frame to prevent damage in case of bad weather and  both been equipped with rubber gaskets to prevent water and moisture to penetrate into the mounting box.

First, the electric current from the main switch. Then check whether there is a box around where you want to install external lighting. Choose the one closest  happens if there is already connected to the switch. If there is, simply replace it with a switch. Now mark, on the outer wall and at the point corresponding with the inner wall, the exact point at which to place the lamp and, with hammer and chisel on the walls of the excavation in the channel, ranging from signing up to the junction box and from here to the point where the place switch.
How To Install A Lamp And A Jack On The External Wall How To Install A Lamp And A Jack On The External Wall
If you plan to replace the existing switch with a switch, be careful not to damage the power cord into the outlet, which is connected to the switch junction box. If not, dig also the recess for mounting the switch box and mount the box. Now go to where you marked the position of the outside lights and began to dig a channel with a hole in the wall with a drill. To run the cables without a problem, use a thicker wire diameter slightly less’ than 1.5 mm should be.

Put the two wires in the channels of this section and long enough to allow the connection. Have the lights through the hole and the other port to the breaker box. Coat with plaster and smooth lines. When the dry plaster, stucco level, smooth all over and let it dry completely before you connect the cable. Remove the end of the sheath of the cable and wire stripping, connecting the new switch or switch. Then connect both wires into the junction box.

Support the outer wall lamp with a pencil and mark the position of the screw to secure it. Make a hole with a drill, insert wall plugs and screw lamp holder to the wall, after you pass through the cable to the socket. Fix the cable to the socket terminal and, if it comes with its own cable, connect it to another via the terminal block. Support from the lamp must have a rubber seal to isolate it from the water after you stick to the wall, if not, put along the edge of the sealant. Then screw the lights, light bulbs, mount the cover and replace the electric current.

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