How To Install A Lamp Spotlight On Wall

How To Install A Lamp Spotlight On Wall | On warm summer nights enjoy sitting down to eat on the balcony of the house (for those who do not garden). Of course, to serve one or more lights to illuminate the environment, so that we can visualize the area. Here’s how to install a spotlight on the balcony.

If you do not already exist, you must send the wall chose for the installation, the channel (probably walled) that contain electrical wiring. Take the basis of the spotlight with a pencil and mark the point where the screw will be inserted. After drilling the holes and insert plugs, fixing the mask to the wall.
How To Install A Lamp Spotlight On Wall
Now you peel the three wires (positive, negative and neutral or ground) and cut off any excess line. Beam or wall has a terminal, where you can insert and connect the wires. Stay cables, grouping them so that they actually contained within the mask.

Involved in the spotlight mask (some spotlights and wall sconces are not to be locked with a screw). Now insert the bulb, being careful to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the format used. Restore the electrical connection through the power switch, circuit breaker and check that everything works perfectly.

Other How To Install A Wall spotlight 
It may happen that there is a need to fix a spot on the wall. In this case you do not have to think that this is a complicated task, because it’s difficult We see how easily and fairly quickly.

Out of the wall of your house where you will put the spotlight channels that contain electrical wiring. Using spotlights that have been purchased with a pencil point at the point where you have to drill the wall, and continued with the same drill drilling you apply the tip of the right number. Continue by inserting sealing plugs (adequate size) in the wall.

Get the cornerstone of the spotlight, and use a screwdriver and screws, fix the wall. Remember this before you go to the electrical wires inside the channel. Get a knife, and carefully remove the wires from the outlet is part of the wall.

Stripping wires and switches to include them in the proper connector, it will secure them by tightening the screws. Then order the cable, in rotation, and in any case such a way that they remain in the mask itself. This done, take the spotlight and put on the mask. Depending on the model of your own you could end having to just embed or attach with screws. Put lights and then set the distance from the wall.

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