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How To Install Electrical Conduit At Home

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How to Install Electrical Conduit at Home | If you want to carry an electric current from one room to another or from one point to another can be added without breaking the wall of the channel, but without the wire in the wall of the house without coverage. Placing them in strategic positions will not affect much the appearance of the environment.

You can use the channel size or smaller size only to switch 3 wire (phase, neutral, earth). In large channels, sockets and switches are hidden inside and if you use a smaller, sockets and switches will remain outside.

How To Install Electrical Conduit At Home How To Install Electrical Conduit At Home

Choose the best route (and not the easiest or short), looking around the door, on the edge, in the corners between the wall and the other to measure the way of adding an extra inch on the long end. Buy the channel along with various fittings “T”, “L”, from the relationship, and 90 ° for angles and edges.

Take the bolts on the length and size of the channel. You can use a nail and / or glue, though it requires more attention, because they move so easily and can move or fall. Before you cut and install the channel, the experiment by placing the ends of all connections looking for ways to be positioned.

Measure the features you need to close and cut the line, and then place it on the wall marks the spot where you have to drill a hole. Through the wall, insert wall plugs and fix the channel. Insert the wire in and also put a cap channel. Now connect the cable and the work are completed. Remember that the race in a room is not suitable to be put out.

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