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How to Make Stained Glass Window Of Leaves

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How to Make Stained Glass Window Of Leaves | Every autumn, nature began to show a majority of color when the leaves begin to fall in a thousand colors. Depending on the amount of each color on the leaf pick up is always different shades. This guide will explain how to change the window to the beautiful autumn leaves carpet.

Start choosing the right window to be decorated. I suggest you choose a glass of excellent sunlight, filtering through the leaves that will make even more beautiful. Tore two sheets of wax paper and then a little ‘bigger than the window you want to decorate and place them in a pile of newspapers. Arrange pressed leaves on paper.

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Now take a second sheet of wax paper first and leaves. Adjust the temperature of at least iron and ironing, pressing lightly, double layer of waxed paper with a leaf. Gradually the two pieces will join, because the heat from the iron and becomes transparent.

Still holding the iron regulatory minimum, keep the iron in a circular motion until you will see that the top sheet will be completely fixed on the bottom. If you’re ready, remove the iron immediately and gently placed the glass on your new plan. Let cool thoroughly, then attach it to the old windows with tape.

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