How To Prepare The Turkish House And Make Bath Salts

How To Prepare The Turkish House And Make Bath Salts | How to prepare the Turkish House – In this guide I will explain how to prepare a Turkish bath in the house directly, without having to resort to the cost of going to a spa or gym. All you need is a bathtub and you are done. Follow these guidelines.

The goal is to create a cave sweating in your bathtub. So, start by filling the tub with hot water for about 30 degrees. At this point, take a drop of eucalyptus and add a few drop in the water. Furthermore, add sodium bicarbonate.

To have the effect of therapy, you simply add the coarse salt, if you do not have this, you could use late in any case you will get results on the skin soft and smooth. Take a horsehair glove and before diving into the water, pass it on dry skin.

Once again the gloves, do a light scrub with the aim to promote better drainage of fluids. At this point, you are ready to dive, then dive and stay in water for 15 minutes. After this time, leave the tub and take a cold shower. Finally, relax and drink tea.

How to make bath saltsĀ 
If you wish to relax in the tub you do not have a shaft and bath salts to “dress up” this pleasure, no problem! With a few move you can prepare for your bathroom. Just follow the simple practical suggestions in this guide.
How To Prepare The Turkish House And Make Bath Salts
Choose some essential oils. Get the worship aroma essences, will help reconciles the relaxation of body and mind relax your face support at the time dedicated to you’re well being. You can buy oil in herbal medicine, or the supermarket (not to be confused with those speakers).

Get salt. Take copious amounts of salt, you can prepare enough to vary the flavors, from flowers to fruits of the forest, the sea breeze vanilla – depending on the mood and have a bathroom that you need. Get a sealed tin. Remember that salt is moisture, therefore, is that after all the preparation is preserved in a jar tightly closed and away from direct contact with water (except obviously during use). Dedication to every different perfume bottles.

Prepare your bath salts. Start by mixing 5-6 tablespoons of coarse salt in a jar and then by dropping 5-6 drops (1 teaspoon of salt for later). Mix thoroughly for a good grain of salt impregnated. Meet proportion between spoons of salt and oil drops, due to too much oil will dissolve the salt.

Paint as desired salt Search bath salt also pigmented and has a nice color effect when they are placed, try to color salt with a little sweet spots (yellow ocher or blue or pink). This pigment will not change the flavor choices. Prepare external labels. Remember to write on the label to determine the smell out of the tube. This is very helpful after a long time to remember the different perfumes and see what makes it more … before you run out.

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