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How To Read A Scale Drawing Design House

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How to Read a scale drawing Design House | Usually the technical picture is always written in the corner, the scale of representation which is designed and written words are the SCALE 1:100 or 1:50 and so on. The meaning of this inscription is the relationship between design and reality, which is 1 cm in the picture is actually 100 (1 meter) or 1 cm 50 cm in reality. If you follow the simple steps of this guide you can verify the correctness of the design to reality.

Take any design, if you can restore your home because once you have to check the result, writing is a SCALE, which is usually at the bottom right where there is all the writing techniques. Presuming that it is written SCALE 1:50, take a ruler and measure one side of the building is convenient to testing (such as windows, the short side of the bathroom …) with the zero of the ruler resting on the start line to read the value, for example, 4.35 cm .

Now take a calculator, to do this calculation 4.35 x 217.50 cm 50 and get that all in bringing in meters divided by 100 meters 2175 meters 217.5 get the actual size measured in terms of your images. At last count allows you to bring in feet and inches.
How To Read A Scale Drawing Design House How To Read A Scale Drawing Design House

If the scale of 1:250 should be doing 259 x 4.35 = 1087.5 cm were taken to 1087.5 meters / 100 = 10.875 meters and so on for other possible scale. If you take a tape measure in hand, the fact that you have identified the design and verification that it is true, do not worry if you make a mistake a few inch because there is a specific approach in the picture.

Consider the Scale meter commercially available, that the rulers to surveyors who have the sides instead of centimeters or millimeters, the real extent already, basically if you take a picture to 1:25 scale, changing the Scale meters until you find the time on a scale 1:25, using a ruler, but the measure was read the size of the reality and therefore do not have to make an effort to make the calculations.

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