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How to Replace Door Handle And Lock

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How to Replace Door Handle And Lock | Coincidence of coarse have to change the door handles and locks, weather due to malfunctions, or perhaps because it was too old. This step is not complicated at all, and only takes a little time, provided bought everything you need. Let’s see how to replace Door Handle And Lock.

The first step is necessary to measure accurately the amount of grip, so buy an identical, or with a hole in the same position, with the same key, and so on, to avoid unpleasant surprises. At best it can be easily remove a portion of the handle (outside or inside, according to taste) by loosening the screw, and must comply with when going to make new purchases. In this way can be confident that action will be precise and perfect.

After returning home to continue with the replacement. Also handle unscrews the other half, and at the same time extract the square shaft that connects the two handles and synchronizes the movement. Unscrew the inside the lock, by screws on the side of the door itself, the whole extract and place it back.

Taking, then, a new lock mechanism and put it where only extracted. In so doing it really should look at that hole in the mechanism must be fully coincides with the hole in the door, so that the frame of the shaft has the difficulty moving. Once these requirements are met, all the blocks with a screw cap.

Skip to rise, now handles. First, however, remember to bring the spindle frame and pass it from side to side door, in the hole. Enter the first half of the handle, so that the edges coincide with the well, and did the same with the second half. When everything is perfect (including the position of the handle) remain two of the doors with their vines, and do a final test. They will leave a few minutes, and you have to replace the door handle in a simple and fast.

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