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Roof Accessories For Anticipation Of Light and Heat

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Roof Accessories For Anticipation Of Light and Heat | Not like any other accessories, roofing accessories more emphasis on the function to maximize the function of the roof. Types and applications tailored to the functions of the main roof to withstand the heat, water / rain, and wind. Another function is to install the installation of household appliances.

Aluminum Foil 
Is a complement to the absorbent material of low and high power reflections. Installation of aluminum foil should be installed under the roof covering, if the tile is installed under wood lath. Routed a minimum distance of about 10 cm of the surface of the roof. In other words should not be attached to the roof covering. If you do not like this then aluminum foil is inefficient and ineffective work.

Transparent tiles

Transparent tiles  Roof Accessories For Anticipation Of Light and Heat
Like a window to the roof, tile can incorporates this type of light into the room. Is needed for the dark spaces in the daytime due to the absence of windows overlooking the outdoors. Made fiberglass, acrylic, or other transparent material. For the same brand of products is usually transparent tiles have the same size as the other tiles around it that are not transparent. Similarity measure that facilitates the installation of precision and reliable power function as a skylight lot. The application of skylights should be careful. What we need is the sun is not a direct reflection. The direct rays of the object will result in a hot room. Skylight application must be made with careful planning.

Roof Ventilation / Vent Tile

Roof Ventilation 300x252 Roof Accessories For Anticipation Of Light and Heat
Function of air flow into the house so the air temperature inside the house did not increase. This tile has a “window” at the top and facing to the side. Direction to the side so that water does not directly enter the house. Precise shape and size so easy to set up side by side with another tile and it looks beautiful.

Turbine Ventilator, Heat Wasters

Turbine Ventilator Heat Wasters 300x288 Roof Accessories For Anticipation Of Light and Heat
The working principal of turbine ventilator is managing the heat that had already entered the room. Commonly used in industrial buildings.
This tool spins without electric energy but through the pressure of the hot air that automatically turn the turbines to remove the hottest air. At the bottom wall of the building functioned as a means of entry of cold air.

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